CV Writing Skills

Preparation is key when putting your CV together, it sells your skills and experience and a good CV can make the difference when a client is assessing suitability. 

Remember to emphasise your most recent position as it is what potential employers will be most interested in and always be honest and accurate of your capabilities. Between 2 -4 pages should be sufficient and not exhaustive for your CV and we have put together some useful tips below but please contact a consultant if you require any help.

Your CV should include:

Personal information such as:   

  1. Address.
  2. Contact telephone numbers.
  3. Availability for work.
  4. Education history, qualifications and training courses attended.
  5. Preferred job locations.
  6. Names, addresses and contact numbers of two referees.
  7. A brief skills summary/experience synopsis stating your main strengths, achievements to date and career aspirations.

Personal Profile

Compose a couple of sentences describing who you are what you have done and where you want to be.

Your career history (ideally in reverse chronological order), detailing:

  1. Companies you've worked for.
  2. Dates and job positions.
  3. Main skills you used or acquired.
  4. Responsibilities.
  5. Achievements.