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Recruit Right plays vital role in supporting and developing economic growth

Recruit Right plays vital role in supporting and developing economic growth

​The company has become a Strategic Partner of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, joining other leading businesses which champion the area as a great location for investment in new talent and staff development to create industrial and commercial wealth.

In this role, Recruit Right, whose headquarters are in Birkenhead, will be at the heart of plans for Wirral Chamber’s local sector development and also be involved in its lobbying activities.

Director Helen Cornah, who will sit on the Sector Board for Manufacturing and Engineering, said: “As a huge supporter of Wirral Chamber and the strides it’s making to put the area on the map as a great place to work and do business, it was a natural move for us to take on the extra responsibility of becoming a Strategic Partner.

“We are delighted to be joining like-minded business people who, with their influence and decision-making, will be able to make a real difference to the success of the current skills and employability drive linked to the area’s revival.

“By our greater involvement with Wirral Chamber as a Strategic Partner in Manufacturing and Engineering, it now puts us firmly in a position to deliver a workforce equipped with the right skills to help create a vibrant local economy.”

Recruit Right, part of Russell Taylor Holdings Ltd which is the UK’s fastest growing privately-owned recruitment business, currently has 12 staff who will be working predominantly in the manufacturing, call centre and industrial sectors from its base in Argyle Street. 

It was Helen’s vision to put the supply of a local labour force to fill Wirral employers’ needs high on the Recruit Right agenda and one that prompted the company’s move earlier this year to the new Birkenhead town centre headquarters.

This decision also matched the vision of the Wirral Growth Company - a joint venture between Wirral Council and its commercial partner Muse Developments to fast-track local economic growth – to regenerate Birkenhead and create thousands of local jobs.

Helen continued: “This is our first ‘high street’ operation on Wirral and we will be recruiting local labour as the regeneration plans for Birkenhead begin to take shape.

“Looking to the future, the estimation of new jobs as a result of regeneration and construction plans for the area has been put at around 3,000, an incredible opportunity for our local communities.”

Paula Basnett, chief executive at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, added: “Our Strategic Partner members are the face and voice of their sector in Wirral and we look to them to support and help guide the way in which the Chamber will look to respond to economic changes as we move towards a post-Brexit economy.

“We are delighted to welcome Recruit Right to this expanding group to work alongside many of the most powerful and influential business leaders in our community in moving both Wirral and the Liverpool City region forward.”

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