This managed service can be tailored to meet the client culture and needs.

In every organisation there exists a dedicated business support team that provides a range of ‘back office’ services to ensure that the business operates smoothly and that all key stakeholders are well looked after. Whether its developing robust sales team, recruitment & retention, learning & development, finance & legal services or essential business administration, these unsung heroes are the ‘glue’ that often holds it all together.

Whether you’re a product or service provider, regardless of industry sector, Recruit Right can handle your permanent and temporary assignments, in areas such as;-

  • - All levels in Contact Centre

  • - Finance, Credit Control and Payroll

  • - HR / Personnel

  • - Sales and Marketing

  • - Quality and Health & Safety

  • - Customer Service

  • - Administration

  • - Legal

Whether you’re a large organisation who needs a fully qualified expert, or a SME who requires multi-disciplinary talent, then our team would be delighted to discuss your needs.

Some clients who have significant labour requirements prefer to have an on-site Recruit Right presence to manage all aspects of the temporary labour management, providing a consistent link between the hirer, the labour provider and, where appropriate, our training partner. This managed service can be tailored to meet the client culture and needs, but can include;-

  • - Selection of Staff

  • - Induction Training

  • - Management of working patterns

  • - Performance Management

  • - Holiday / Absence Management

  • - Lateness interviews

If you have a large on site labour contingent, Recruit Right can offer a 24/7 on call service.  Please contact our Director, Helen Cornah, for more information.